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About the institute

Confucius Institute at  Buryat State University was established by joint efforts of Buryat State University, Russia and Changchun University of Science and Technology, China.

Ms. Pei Jujfan, Education Counsellor at the PRC Embassy in the Russian Federation, and S.V. Kalmykov, BSU President, announced grand opening of Confucius Institute at BSU on July 6, 2007. Confucius Institute is a project that promotes Chinese language and culture, and facilitates Russian-Chinese cultural exchange.

Confucius Institute focuses on the following activities: education, research, social issues, science promotion, educational tourism. Chinese is taught to anyone interested, as the students are grouped  according to their language level and age, which enhances learning efficiency. The Institutes offers a variety of  short and long-term learner programs, as well as advanced courses for Chinese language teachers.  We also arrange conferences and workshops to promote expertise and competency for various target groups. Our courses are attended by various groups of people - children, students, professionals and retirees. About 1500 people have completed our courses since the opening of Confucius Institute at BSU.

Confucius Institute holds library funds that include approximately 15 000 items located in two well-equipped reading rooms. Any interested members of the public are entitled to take advantage of the artwork and learning materials available at our Library.

Confucius Institute has a highly qualified teaching staff. Teaching is based upon our exclusive methodology developed jointly by Russian and Chinese experts. Our teaching approach has proved its efficacy as it offers students an opportunity not only to study grammar, but practice spoken communication skills. Students of Confucius Institute achieve excellent results in many areas as they regularly take part in Russian and international contests and become winners and laureates.

Confucius Institute is an organizer of language trips and training courses in China. We also prepare examinees and administer  language proficiency exams - HSK, HSKK, etc. Since testing has become available in 2008, about 1000 people have already taken our language proficiency exams.

In addition, the students who attend our courses are offered a unique opportunity to take up  Taijiquan, Tajczishan and Tajcziczjan exercise.

Exploring culture through language, and language - through culture... here, at Confucius Institute, BSU we see these processes in unity. Out training objectives include not only language learning, but also learning about culture through contests, celebrations, social events dedicated to the customs and peculiarities of Chinese culture.

Every year we organize study trips to China for our students to take part in the Confucius Institute summer camp. We assist our best students in receiving scholarships granted by Confucius Institute to continue their education in Chinese leading universities.

Confucius Institute at BSU also provides assistance in holding The Week of Chinese Language at the Oriental Institute and other departments of BSU, and takes part in career counseling facilitated by the university. We annually hold our traditional events - The Day of Chinese Culture and the Day of Confucius Institute.

Confucius Institute has received many honorable  guests - Mr. Yu Jihai, Counsellor - Envoy of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, Mr. Guo Zhijun, Mr. Lin Bajsjuje, Mr. Li Zhiwei, representatives of the Chinese Consulate General in Irkutsk, as well as delegations from our Changchun partner university, student artistic groups from China.

Today Confucius Institute is a center for  learning about Chinese language and culture, a place where you can  show your knowledge and abilities at various Russian and international events, a platform for academic research, exchange and publishing. Confucius Institute has outgrown its significance as solely an educational institution, and has become an important element of educational, scientific, social life in Buryatia, looking into the future with confidence.

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